Don't quit your day dream. One day you may wake up to it being reality. 

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Egg Shells for Calcium

Why buy extra calcium for your hens when you have fresh egg shells?



About Tara -

Hello! I’m Tara, a 27-year-old female farmer from Northern California. My family’s background in farming is mainly grain crops, like corn and wheat, as well as running a land leveling business. I’m a 5th generation farmer. But I’m the first FarmHer, and I’m the first to have a vineyard.

I moved home in 2015 to start working full time on the farm. I soon started working on developing my own operation. In 2017 I had solid plans to make my dream of Beaver Vineyards a reality. I planted 50 acres of Sauvignon Blanc in April of 2018 - 2 days after my wedding.

I’ve learned that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so live your life to the fullest today. I’m a Mental Health advocate just as much as I’m an AGvocate. I live in the middle of a pear orchard. I have 3 dogs, 3 cats, a few chickens, and an amazing husband that allows it.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog and following my journey!