Gordo and Flaca come from rough beginnings. They were dumped at Beaver Vineyards when they were only 7 weeks old. Tara and AJ took them to the ER that day, afraid they may die if not treated immediately. They lived with a foster for 6 weeks who helped bring them back to life. After 6 weeks, with much better health, they moved back to Beaver Vineyards. They now get to live a life of luxury for the rest of their days.

Gordo is a hunter and likes to be out in the field. But he’s 100% a momma’s boy and comes running when she calls.  

Flaca is a shy girl and likes to lounge around the yard. 



We adopted Kitty from a friend who was moving across country and unable to keep her. She’s used to living 100% outdoors but we’re warming her up to that on the farm. We’re hoping that she will teach Flaca her hunting skills. We’ve heard she a great huntress and we’re always happy to see less mice and rats!