Farm Fashion

Farm Fashion!

 In honor of I Am Countryside theme of the week – Farm Fashion – I thought I would share some of my favorite workwear with you.

As fun as it is to wear pretty much whatever I want (to a certain extent) on the homestead, I need clothes that can take a beating on the farm. I need clothes that can keep me warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and that will work as hard as me.

I’m going to share some of my favorite brands, and some of my favorite pieces of work wear with you. For me, work wear isn’t cheap, so I’m only sharing the items that I know have passed the test in my mind!

I broke these down into sections, so if you’re looking for something in particular just check out the titles.

Let’s start simple.

Hat and Glasses

I ALWAYS have a ball cap and glasses on. I will pretty much wear any ball cap that has a hole for my pony tail, and I prefer Velcro over snap back. Need a hat?! Let me know - I feel like I have a million.

I wear these very fashionable safety glasses, EVERYDAY ALL DAY. I paid a pretty penny for lasik and I’m not taking any chance of ANYTHING messing up my eyeballs. We have a drawer in the shop full of these glasses so their available to our crew any time.

Safety Glasses


When it comes to shirts I keep it pretty simple for the most part. I’ve worn a lot of old t-shirts that I don’t care if they get ruined.

Now, in the summer time I have a favorite shirt. It’s long sleeves, yup that’s right long sleeves in the summer. If you have never irrigated corn before let me give you some fun facts. Corn stalk leaves will cut you and make you itch for days. There is no way I’m irrigating corn in a t-shirt. Oh and also, it’s humid and hot as hell. This shirt keeps me cool and protected. I have 3 of them and will most likely be buying more this year!

Women's Armachillo Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt

When it comes to regular t-shirts, I recommend you check out these two companies. Not only are their shirts cute, but these companies actually support farmers.

Public Market Goods

Southern Farm Co. (PS you can currently save 10% with code FARMLIFE till May 1st)

Everything these two companies have are farm themed and extremely comfortable. They’re great for work and everyday life. Double win! And remember, SUPPORT COMPANIES WHO SUPPORT US!!



Alrighty – pants. I’ve struggled a little here and I’m still trying to find the perfect work pants. Most days I wear Levi jeans with a boot cut. In the past I ordered some men’s Carhartt pants and I HATE them. Just keeping it real.

I’m going to order some Women’s Carhartt pants, I’ll have to update this blog later with the verdict.

Carhartt recently came out with these amazing leggings. They’re so comfortable and I love working in them. I actually did an IGTV review on them you can watch here. I’m really hoping they will come out with a lighter color because the black does get a little hot on warmer days. I really look forward to wearing these when I’m driving a tractor for 10 hours, way more comfortable than jeans!


If you have a pair of work pants you love let me know! Because I’m still on the search.


I need boots that have good ankle support, toe protection, and soles that wont fall off in 6 months. I’ve worn a few brands that have completely deteriorated on me - Justin’s to be exact. I’ve had 2 pairs completely fall apart.

After taking a few polls on instagram I ended up buying a pair of Ariat Fat Baby’s. So far so good! I’ve had them about 6 months.

I have a lace up pair of Wolverines that have been great as well.

When it comes to irrigating corn and alfalfa I wear rubber boots. When irrigating I walk an average of 13-15 miles a day. I need something comfortable and dry. That’s where Cat Footwear stormers come in! Their stormers are extremely comfortable and get the job done.

If you’re a women, these boots are in mens size. I wear a 10 in women’s, so I have an 8. I recommend going one half size down. So if I order another pair of Stormers I would get a 7 1/2.

I’ve been so happy with them that I plan on buying some everyday work boots to try in the future!

 Cat Footwear

For the homestead I love sloggers. Sloggers are cute and affordable, I pretty much wear them when doing anything around the yard, garden, and chickens.


Jackets, Coveralls, and Winter wear


Carhartt. We all know the name – and there is a reason. Carhartt can truly withstand the test of time. My first Carhartt jacket is over 10 years old and I still wear it. And mine is not the only one, I know a lot of people who have Carhartt items 10+ years. Carhartt, without a doubt, is worth the cost.


I wanted to make a quick note of this – If you wear a ring, I HIGHLY recommend a silicone ring. I personally love Enso Ring. Wearing a metal ring in our field of work can be extremely dangerous.

Enso Ring

I hope this blog helped you learn about some awesome workwear. As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me here or on Instagram. I’m always happy to connect!