Farm Fresh Eggs

Have you ever found yourself in the grocery store opening egg cartons to make sure the dozen you’re buying isn’t cracked? Or maybe you have had the tedious task of picking shell fragments out of your cake batter. It’s a common problem with factory farm eggs, others known as store bought, but it’s one of the many problems you won’t find with eggs from a local farm. 

Farm fresh eggs have the taste you’ll love, with the benefit of them coming from chickens who are loved and fed only the best. The proof is in the yolk, so to speak. Unlike the yellow yolks of store bought eggs, farm eggs have a deeper color. The darker the yolk, the healthier the hen, and free range hens who forage on greens and quality feed are healthy girls. The rich and creamy yolks are the sign of a hen’s healthy diet. Not only that, but they are happier than factory farm hens, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that the eggs you are eating come from an animal who is well cared for.


There are many health benefits that accompany farm fresh eggs:

• Less cholesterol 

• Less saturated fat

• Increased vitamins A, E and especially D

• More omega-3 fatty acids (helps prevent chronic diseases and supports body function)

• More beta carotene

• Delicious taste 

Eggs from local farms will also remind you of Easter. The shells are not only strong from the intake of calcium the hens get, but they also come in a rainbow of colors. Different breeds lay a variety of different shades, from dark chocolates to light pinks. While they may look different, whats inside is exactly the same. 

The twenty-one chickens who live on Beaver Vinyards lay tan, dark brown, green, and blue eggs. Each egg reveals what breed laid it:

Barred Plymouth Rock: Tan
Easter Egger: Green/Blue
Welsummer: Dark Brown
Ameraucana: Blue
Rhode Island Red: Tan

Speaking of the Beaver Vineyard girls, they have been hard at work laying beautiful eggs, and if you live locally they will be available soon! Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in bringing farm fresh eggs to your family’s table. 

If you aren’t local but want to get your hands on some delicious farm fresh eggs, there are a few places you can look. Farmers markets are a great location to not only find eggs, but to also meet the families who gathered them. There is something to be said for supporting an ag business and getting to know the people you are purchasing from makes the experience even sweeter. Co-ops and ads at local feed stores also serve as resources for finding farm fresh eggs. 

Adding farm fresh eggs to your table may also inspire you to join the world of owning chickens. Gathering eggs from your own hens is a great feeling, and if you decide to take the plunge and start your own flock, I promise you won't be disappointed!