Royal was the leader of the pack. She was born to be a farm dog. Her favorite things to do were chasing rabbits, sun bathing, and swimming in the river. She would pick a stick over a ball any day. She loved everyone she met and wanted you to feel her love. We unfortunately lost Royal in September 2018 but she will always be the top dog at Beaver Vineyards. 



Lady was adopted in 2011 to be Royal’s companion. They quickly came to love one another. She’s the head hunter at Beaver Vineyards. She comes from two breeds that were born to hunt, miniature pincher and dachshund. Lady doesn’t disappoint her ancestors. Her favorite thing to do is chase rabbits, lizards, and any other small creatures she can catch.  



Penelope was born in February of 2015. Her mom is Lady. She’s a daddy’s girl and is only here to cuddle. She likes to run around on the farm but hasn’t caught on to the whole hunting thing. She loves to protect the house from evil rabbits but wouldn’t know what to do if she caught one! Her favorite thing to do is sleep with her belly in the air, hoping someone will scratch it when they walk by.   



Reign is the newest addition to our family. After loosing Royal I wasn’t sure when I’d be ready to get another dog. But the truth is, if I have the love to give, why not give it? Reign was found in a box on the side of the road with her 3 brothers. She was rescued by Hearts for Paws, which is where I found her. She chose me, and the rest is history.

Her estimated birthday is July 1, 2018. She’s been an amazing addition to the family and is loving farm life!


Gordo & Flaca

Gordo and Flaca come from rough beginnings. They were dumped at Beaver Vineyards when they were only 7 weeks old. Tara and AJ took them to the ER that day, afraid they may die if not treated immediately. They lived with a foster for 6 weeks who helped bring them back to life. After 6 weeks, with much better health, they moved back to Beaver Vineyards. They now get to live a life of luxury for the rest of their days.

Gordo is a hunter and likes to be out in the field. But he’s 100% a momma’s boy and comes running when she calls.  

Flaca is a shy girl and likes to lounge around the yard. 



We adopted Kitty from a friend who was moving across country and unable to keep her. She’s used to living 100% outdoors but we’re warming her up to that on the farm. We’re hoping that she will teach Flaca her hunting skills. We’ve heard she a great huntress and we’re always happy to see less mice and rats! 



We currently have 9 laying hens, and 12 pullets (young hens under a year old). I’m not that great with chicken breeds, but we have brown, blue, and green eggs. We also have a chicken that should lay olive green eggs soon!

My hope is to start selling farm fresh eggs in Spring 2019. If you’re local please feel free to contact me if you’re interested!